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How to reset WORKBENCH (ex: workbench crash always at launch)

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How to delete reforger workbench (enfusion workbench) settings or reset workbench?
Look up Arma Reforger Workbench using regedit and change or delete the settings to restore workbench.




Long story:
I had selected the SkyDome_Sun.emat file in the enfusion workbench (reforger workbench),
this caused the workbench to crash.
But before crashing, workbench managed to save the last opened file (SkyDome_Sun.emat).
Now, every time I launched workbench, it would crash immediately.
I deleted my project, launched into the vanilla reforger project, still crashed.

I tried deleting my profile folders, I tried repairing the reforger tools on steam,
nothing seemed to work, I deleted and grprj file that existed in my computer, tried %appdata% and more to find workbench settings, trying to RESET my workbench.
Then I found that reforger workbench exists in the windows registry (regedit.exe)
In regedit, I was able to find the registry that had saved the last opened file, I deleted the value of the file that was causing me to crash as soon as I loaded ANY project,
now my worries were gone, the workbench launched again and I was able to play my favorite puzzle game, arma reforger workbench yet again!

Since I cannot find anything about this online, I shall leave this post.

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