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[SP] Delaying Raid | CDF-GSFL

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Delaying Raid - Version 1.0


Workshop Link: Link

The year is 2024... War Rages in South Zagoria

Enlist as a Western Volunteer and Conduct a Daring Raid Behind Enemy Lines



After years of skirmishes and in-fighting in the region, Russian forces have initiated a full-scale invasion of South Zagoria with the objective of overthrowing the local government and integrating the territory into the Russian Federation.

Thus far Russian forces have made significant inroads along the region's Northern and Eastern borders. In recent days, some Russian forces comprised of mostly VDV and S-ZAVB (South Zagoria All Volunteer Battalion) formations have had significant initial success after a breakthrough of Chernarussian lines at Gvozdno, and it appears that the Russians are preparing to launch an all-out offensive against the NWAF - a key CDF airbase.


CDF forces near NWAF are spread thin and need time to re-organize. As such, our squad of Western volunteers has been tasked with conducting a raid behind enemy lines in order to delay the Russian offensive.


* 20-25 Minutes of Atmospheric Gameplay
* A Detailed Briefing
* Tense firefights in a war-torn village.



* Thank you to Spaten and Fortis the Silent Protagonist for play-testing and QA support.
* Thank you to Anthrax for making CDF-GSFL for the community.


Workshop Link: Link

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