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Jacob Anderson

Keep inventory on player respawn

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A quick warning, my knowledge of scripting is on par with that of a rock.
I'm trying to make a mission for myself and a group of friends who are all new and just want to have a good time. Most of my questions I've been able to figure out through youtube videos and forum posts. But no matter how many different times I try, I can't for the life of me figure out what to do when someone pulls up notepad++ outside of Eden editor and shows me a paragraph of code to put in. I was wondering If someone more knowledgeable than me on the subject could help walk me through how to keep player inventories when they respawn.

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yes, but that's a little bit old and used for inventory same as start.

Question is: same loadout as at start or just before death?

You can use getUnitLoadout and setUnitLoadout instead of BI functions, now.


in initPlayerLocal.sqf:

sameAsDeath = TRUE;  // false for loadout at start
loadoutAtStart = getUnitLoadout player;

addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", {
  params ["_victim","_killer","_instigator"];
  if (isPlayer _victim) then {
    _victim setVariable ["ldout",getUnitLoadout _victim];
    _victim setVariable ["MGI_weapon",currentWeapon _victim];

addMissionEventHandler ["EntityRespawned", {
  params ["_unit","_corpse"];
  if (isPlayer _unit && local _unit) then {
    if (sameAsDeath) then {
      _unit setUnitLoadout (_corpse getVariable ["ldout",getUnitLoadout _unit]);
      _unit selectWeapon (_unit getVariable "MGI_weapon");
    } else {
      _unit setUnitLoadout loadoutAtStart;
    {deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [(getPosATL _corpse),["WeaponHolderSimulated","groundWeaponHolder"],5];
    deleteVehicle _corpse;


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