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when load and resume game objectives stops working.

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so I have followed these tutorials and it worked very good.



however…. When I save the game, and leave and re join, chose “Resume” to start were I left.
All objectives stops working, me or AI can no longer capture objectives. Any one has a clue what is going on?

technically the game is capture points style of game, and there is a lot of areas to capture.
(the whole map has objectives)

Note I am awful with scripts so I try to avoid it as much I can.
and I am still very new to Editor in arma.

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here is my map.
please test it. Once you are in, leave game. Then enter the map again by pressing “Resume”

and at this point you wont be able to capture any anything. is this a bugg? or am i missing something?
Commissar at the bottom of the unit list is Zeus if you need Zeus power.

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