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Zeus Mission Generator 2.0 (AI Mission Generator)

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Zeus Mission Generator

A powerful AI-powered Discord Bot that produces totally unique mission ideas every time. Builds scenario ideas (no matter how ridiculous), can provide a list of objectives, and adapts to your story—or creates a new one for you! 


Back in 2019, I made a website called the https://zeusmissiongen.com/ were it would pick a random mission idea from a list of them I'd compiled and present it to you in a kind of "random generator" way. The site was never truly a random mission generator... until now that is.


The Zeus Mission Generator 2.0 is a Discord Bot that works using natural language completion AI to come up with story ideas based on your parameters, and it works like a charm. Check out some examples of mission ideas it's come up with:




Other examples


Try it out

If you're interested in trying the bot out to make some gnarly mission ideas, you can either invite the bot to your server or join the sandbox server here:




How to use


Check out the YouTube tutorial to get started in under 3 minutes





If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to leave them in this thread, or on the official Discord server!

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Just stumbled over this and it's pretty dope. I usually made mostly missions for 20-40 players but atm numbers are down and some of the stuff that it spewed out was pretty good as inspiration. Thank you!

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