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Gunter Severloh

Drug Traffickers - (SP/Coop)

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Gunter Severloh


Overview and play-through of the mission


Steam Workshop:


Google Drive:



Drug Traffickers

An independent guerrilla faction, Syndikat is a local crime organization
wtih deep roots on Tanoa. Made up of armed thugs and ex-paramilitaries, this faction
is involved in many illicit operations throughout the region.

Recent reconnaissance found alot of activity around the Bala Airstrip and the peninsula
we've discovered an undercover drug smuggling operation, their using the planes
there to import and export drugs.
The forces on the peninsula include roaming infantry patrols, patrol boats, armed
vehicles, checkpoints, outposts, lookout camps, along with antiair.

As a special forces soldier, you were called in to infiltrate, locate and
destroy the planes, fuel tank, and fuel trucks at the airfield, destroy the ammo & drug caches
at the farm, destroy the launcher cache which is somewhere in the SW Outpost,
and clear the lookout camps in the area.
Watch out for the patrols, you may want to go silent and at night on this one,
your choice, good luck!

Difficulty level:
Ideal for intermediate and advanced players.


  • Apex DLC required.
  • No Mods required.
  • Play it Solo or with friends.
  • 5 Player Coop with Revive.
  • Play it solo via MP lan and you will respawn in 1 second.
  • Change Weather in MP Parameters.
  • Change Time of day by hour in MP Parameters.
  • Change Grass height in MP Parameters.
  • Change AI Difficulty in MP Parameters.
  • Change stamina and fatigue in MP Parameters.
  • Change Weapon sway & Recoil in MP Parameters.


  • Full Briefing with 12 objectives tasks.
  • Player apon death will have option to be revived if playing coop with other players.
  • Player apon death will respawn at 1 of 3 player camps in 1 second.
  • Player before respawn can choose the location they wish to respawn at.
  • Player can self revive/self heal without needing to respawn if a f a k/medkit is in their gear.
  • Player's body will delete on respawn.
  • Player's loadout will save on respawn.
  • Access to Arsenal at player camps.
  • Recruit AI at 1 of 3 player camps.
  • Mission set on Tanoa.
  • 1,165 custom placed objects for ambiance and function.

What your up against - (The Enemy)

  • Independent Syndikat guerrilla's - a combination of Bandits and Paramilitary forces.
  • Patrolling infantry.
  • Patrolling armed vehicles.
  • Patrolling armed boats.
  • Various sentries.
  • Garrisoned enemies at camps, lookouts and other locations.
  • Checkpoints.
  • Static mounted weapons.
  • Tripwire flares, watch your step at night!
  • If played at night, patrols will have flashlights & spotlights.


To play Solo on MP Lan:
1. Go to Multiplayer
2. Server browser
3. Host Server
4. Type in server name, # of players, password
5. Choose map on left (Tanoa) and the mission on right in orange.
6. Adjust the Parameters (top right) in the player lobby before you start the mission.
7. Suggest you choose Team Leader - (Mortar) role to be able to call for mortar support.


I want to thank the following members of the Arma community
for their work/help with my mission:

  • Rydygier - for help with code.
  • Kronzky - for his Urban Patrol Script.
  • Hortzy - for his Parameters code, and help.
  • Alias - for his fog, and spotlight scripts.
  • Tophe of Östgöta Ops - for his Simple Guard Post Script.
  • Sushi - for his TOG - Garrison script.
  • Bon - for his Infantry Recruitment Redux


Edited by Gunter Severloh
Update v1.1
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3 hours ago, Gunter Severloh said:

No Mods required.

Play it Solo or with friends.

Oh great, I'll give it a go once I get around to playing Arma again. Probably wont be soon but I've bookmarked the thread nonetheless.


Thanks, bud and congrats on the release!

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All you need is the Apex DLC and your good to go.

Ya man when your ready to go Arma again the jungle awaits 😉


There still might be some tweaking and or adjustments that need to be done in the mission, like one thing that concerns me

the most is the AI in boats, and in the vehicle patrols, i want their spotting distance to be decent so that they would engage from afar, not like

from across the map or anything unrealistic but if your like within 300-400m of them and they get direct LOS of you then they would

open up on you.


    Outside that, im pondering adding an exfil and then end the mission that way instead of currently where

when you complete all the tasks then the mission ends.  With the exfil i want to instill some fear in the player as they drive down the road

and their friends are in the back and shooting at enemies far behind them, lobbing grenades, then they reach either an local FOB or a location

they are to meet to get lifted off the island.


Just a note here

4 hours ago, Gunter Severloh said:

Player can self revive/self heal without needing to respawn if a f a k/medkit is in their gear.

What i said here in the features list, is if you have a fak or medkit in your gear then if you get killed, you can

revive yourself, at the same time you'll heal yourself, so when your playing solo and you have these you can keep playing, if

not you'll be forced to respawn, but when you get to the respawn screen you can choose which player spawn or camp you want to spawn at.


Also when you do die and do choose to respawn, 2 things happen:

1. Any weapons, gear, clips, grenades, ect,. anything that you used, or haven't will be saved apon respawn.

     So when you get back to a player camp or spawn back at a player spawn you chose, you'll have

      everything as you had it when you died.


2. Also your body where you died at will delete, so looting your own corpse is not possible.

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Guys i hope you understand that the mission is meant to be played on a server.

Either through MP lan or on a dedicated, as you can see in the video, if you want to play solo then do it through

mp lan unless you have a server you can use.


        You can choose what slot, and change what parameters like the time of day, the weather,

stamina/fatigue, grass density, weapon sway and recoil.


Also other aspects to the mission like:

- Respawn (cant do that in singleplayer)

- You can choose what player starting camp you want to start at or respawn too you can

recruit AI and even access arsenal there as well.


- Your weapons, gear, clips, grenades, gear items, uniform, all save on respawn

- Your body will delete on respawn


I updated the workshop page with an adjustment in tags and the mission will no longer show under the

Singleplayer ----> Scenarios

Understand its not a "singleplayer" mission though you can play it solo or with friends. If you need to take a break from the mission but

want to return where you left off and keep playing then just respawn back to one of the player starting camps.


Reason why i'm stating this is because i had a couple comments on the workshop page one asking:

"Every teammate-to-be in a separate squad - is it intentional for single-player version or just an oversight?"

Of course i didn't really understand what he was talking about but realizing it after that he was playing the mission

through the singleplayer/scenarios part of the menu and not through mp lan or on a server.


   In mp the other playable units arent standing there i have it set disabledAI,

so until recently as i posted on my profile i discovered that if you add the singleplayer tag to your workshop mission

it will literally put your mission under the Singleplayer ----> Scenarios tab on the main menu of the game which i had no

idea about.


Hope players of my mission understand what kind of mission their playing, mp lan imo has more function and features

then if you played a mission in singleplayer, in SP you cant change the weather, or time, or stamina, or weapon sway ect,.

unless you script it to have that, imo mp parameters are more efficient means to do that, then spend an extra month codeing

stuff in which im not a coder, i know the very basics if that.


Any questions or problems, feedback, even ideas, just ask i'll respond as soon as i can. Cheers!

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- added initPlayerLocal.sqf script that adds code that enables the parameters for
weapon recoil and sway to work as previously the parameters did not work.

(this may still not work, needs more testing)

- updated the intro text you see on the screen when the mission starts.
- renamed player spawn to player camp.
- removed an object that was inside another at the airfield.
- removed some misc objects, and adjust others in every building that had objects.
- adjusted sandbag wall at north player camp as it was partially blocking the door.

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