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Attempting to create a simple bomb defusal script for a large-scale multiplayer mission, so far I've tried multiple approaches most of which have failed for various reasons. Pretty much I want it to work as follows:

1. Have a countdown from a specified time, in my case 15 minutes

2. the timer needs to stop at zero

3. the timer also needs to stop in the event the bomb is defused

4. I also want certain triggers to activate at certain times e.g. music at 180 seconds

private "_time";
_time = _this select 0;

while {time_running} do {
while {_time > 0} do {
_time = _time - 1;  
hintSilent format["Time Until Detonation: \n %1", [((_time)/60)+.01,"HH:MM"] call BIS_fnc_timetostring];	
sleep 1;

This is my script for now (timer.sqf), I then have the defusal set up to a trigger with this in the on act:

time_running = false; hint "Bomb defused";

Anyone have any ideas?

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Might be useful

I used it in MP, it has a nice GUI, also with timer if you need. 

But probably as a temporary solution till others can help you with your code more. 

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