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These small Details for added realism

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So I'm a sucker for small details. Quick and briefly I'll say to look into vehicle damaged models(blown up state), needs a revision. I don't think that an rpg round to any vehicle should make all its tires dissappear or like on the humvee, where the A pillar I believe is bent inwards. The vehicle destroyed state models are the same of an aircraft Guided bomb that's done its job on them. The vehicles should stay as they were before they were destroyed, here is an image of what just an rpg does. Knocks the motor out , but all tires are there, not lowered from missing suspension due to explosion(the most common model developers use for games, the lowered to the ground and slanted wheels damaged model). Just knocks the vehicle out.  hummer___rpg_______bad_news_by_animedeviAll tires should stay on, or atleast disappear if a missle or rocket directly hits the wheel. What we don't want for the game is some Regular objects as aftermath of a battle. We want damage that tells a story of what happened there. I guess what I'm trying  To say is that after vehicle is blown up it just looks like an object we could can place there  from the objects list in armavision. Remember never do copy and paste methods to your games. 


Next would be smoke columns should be much taller. Much much taller. And last longer I'd say. 


Other than that, you guys are killing it and I highly enjoy the game! 


If you guys truly listen to the community. I'd assume we'll see these changes !

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