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With the re-release of the mod I felt like I maybe should start a thread



Brotherhood & Unity

The end of Yugoslavia, 1985-2000


During the Cold War Yugoslavia stood as a neutral nation between the Warsaw Pact and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.To uphold its neutrality Yugoslavia required an army to defend itself which led to a large effort to build one up and at the end of the Cold War the Yugoslav People's Army was a well equipped and well trained army. The army would ultimately end up being used against itself during the breakup of Yugoslavia and the wars that followed.

Brotherhood & Unity aims to cover the Yugoslav People's Army before the breakup and also the different factions that fought in the Yugoslav Wars. The mod is not 100% accurate when it comes to the equipment used but I am looking to do my best with a relatively light list of dependencies.

This mod does not take any side to the politics behind the Yugoslav Wars and I ask you to please refrain from discussing politics about the war in the comments.





Yugoslav People's Army '85/'91 [IND/OPF]
SFRJ Ministry Of The Interior [IND]

Slovenian Territorial Defence [BLU]
Slovenian Ministry Of The Interior [BLU]
Croatian Army '92/'95 [BLU]
Croatian National Guard [BLU]
Croatian Ministry Of The Interior [BLU]
Croatian Defence Council '92/'95 [BLU]

Serbian Army of Krajina '92/'95 [OPF]
Army Of Republika Srpska [OPF]
Yugoslav Army '92/'95 [OPF]
FRJ Ministry Of The Interior [OPF]

Bosnian Army '92/'95 [IND]
Bosnian Territorial Defence [IND]
Bosnian Ministry Of The Interior [IND]

350+ Uniforms (M77, M87, M89, M68 etc.)
125+ Headgear (M59/85, Titovkas, headbands etc.)
30+ Vests (Cloth vests, Suspenders etc.)
8 Backpacks (M75 Fieldpack, Medic bag etc.)
3 Rifles (M77, M77B1 etc.)

TAM-110 & TAM-150 Trucks
BVP M-80A IFVs & T-55 MBTs
An-2 & MiG-21 Aircraft
And lots more with many unique camo patterns!

Rifle grenades (VERY WIP)
Custom Main Menu



Henriksson (Lead developer)
Laka (Developer)

Bohemia Interactive Studios
Red Hammer Studios
Degman and the CROMIL team
3 Commando Brigade.

u/Yugoslavian1998 (Info)
Franz Neumann (Info)
Sakibov mali (Info)

Patriot Republike BiH (Police vehicles, BiH MUP)
Fidel Castro & DOLGTeam (Helmet Stickers)
Maršal Dženan (Bosnian names)
SimonCucak (Flags)

Everyone who helped out in the Brotherhood & Unity Discord server!



STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2653472659

Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/SBMQGrYk/brotherhood-unity
Development Build: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2644250552&searchtext=

Please first ask if you want to "borrow" content from this mod and if you have any request for future content or if you want to contribute with something yourself please feel free to comment, make a discussion or send me a message. Any feedback or suggestion is appreciated ☺︎


Join the mod Discord!


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Thank you for this nice mod,i am really enjoying it,especially psh-77 helmet with red star on it.

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