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Trigger "get out" for a group inside of a boat

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I am doing a D-Day landing level and want to use a trigger to make a crew from an LCVP exit. I understand I can use the leavevehicle command, I just do not understand how to select the squad in my boat for my trigger. 


For example, my squad is showing as Alpha 1-5 (7 units). What would be the command for this? I have looked at other forums,  but it is not making sense to me. When the boat drives into the trigger field, I just need the crew to exit. I want to do this WITHOUT using waypoints because the boat never goes straight.


My unit name for LCVP is lcvp2.


I just need to know what to put in the trigger to make only the group, not the driver, exit the lcvp.


Please help.

Thank you.

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In my opinion, the most primitive and suitable way for you will be the following:

1) the trigger must be activated by the presence of someone from your side in it.
2) give variable names (like: unit_1, unit_2 ...) to each unit that should disembark from the boat when this trigger is activated.
3) in the trigger activation write:

{_x leaveVehicle lcvp2} forEach [unit_1, unit_2];

But remember that if the driver of the boat is from the same group, he will also get out of it. Make him a unit of another group.


If the driver of the boat is from another group, then you can make it easier:
1) Give the variable name to the group itself (for example, group_1).
2) In the trigger activation write:

group_1 leaveVehicle lcvp2;


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It worked. Thank you very much. What I just did not understand was that you could name groups.... Feel really dumb now.


Appreciate it.

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