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[Solved] Problems with hideObjectGlobal for layers

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Hi there,

I'm attempting to unhide a layer that I have previously hidden using the following code in the mission init.sqf, with "layer_checkpointwest" being my layer:


        _x hideObjectGlobal true;
    } forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "layer_checkpointwest" select 0);

I want to unhide everything in this layer at some point later on in the mission. Originally I had it set up in an addAction for a Zeus player to trigger:

zeus1 addAction ["4. Unhide Checkpoint Ambush Scene", {{_x hideObjectGlobal false;} forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "layer_checkpointwest" select 0);}, nil, 1.5, false, true, "", "true", 3];

For SP and locally hosted MP this works fine, however on a dedicated server nothing seems to happen. I am thinking it's something to do with the way hideObjectGlobal needs to be called on the server - but even using a trigger to remoteExec a script > "[] remoteExec ["unhidecheckpoint.sqf", 2, false];" with essentially the opposite of the init.sqf code doesn't seem to work either.

I've been reading so much on this and I don't feel like I'm fully understanding what I'm missing!

Any help or advice with this is much appreciated.

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You're on the right track, hideObjectGlobal indeed needs to be executed on the server.


4 hours ago, Jamio said:

[] remoteExec ["unhidecheckpoint.sqf", 2, false];


You can't remoteExec an .sqf directly, only functions or script commands. So, you could try something along the lines of:

"unhidecheckpoint.sqf" remoteExec ["execVM", 2]; //third param is false by default




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9 hours ago, Harzach said:

"unhidecheckpoint.sqf" remoteExec ["execVM", 2]; //third param is false by default

This worked like a charm - thank you!

I don't know how I forgot about execVM for .sqf's but oh well. Back to the wiki I go😥

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