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callExtension question(s)

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Quick callExtension question(s), hopefully someone knows.  Wiki spells out how much data can be returned from callExtension:



Currently there is no limit how much data you can send to the extension. However there is a limit on how much data you can return from extension in one call. The limit is known to the extension and is passed in int outputSize. The limit may or may not change in the future and is currently 10240 bytes. It is up to extension designer to handle multipart results if returned data exceeds output limit.


My environment scanner uses an extension that is coming up close to this 10240 byte callExtension return limit.  As I scan more complicated terrain (etc), I know sooner or later it's going to bust past this limit.


I got to thinking, what about Extension Callback event handler?  I read through callExtension's Extension Callback section here and didn't see anything specifically about a limit, but it does mention a buffer which at least implies a data limit.  (Wiki here also mentions 100 slots per frame, which is related but doesn't directly tell us how much data that Extension Callback buffer can hold.)



  1. Are the "callExtension return buffer" and the "Extension Callback EH buffer" actually different buffers?
  2. If so, how big is the Extension Callback EH buffer?  (hopefully bigger than 10240 bytes)

Any help is much appreciated, many thanks. 🙂

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13 hours ago, killzone_kid said:

there is no limit if you use extension callback


That's awesome & a great relief, thanks. 👍

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