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Exile bikey/bisign problem!

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Hello! I am not sure if there are active people on this forum that could give out a helping hand but i thought id try to post about this! 


So basically im making a small exile server to play on with friends!


My issue now is that everything is setup but whenever i try to join my server i get these 2 errors  https://imgur.com/y0XEu7l https://imgur.com/TwYeTO2


Ive tried downloading new bikeys because i thought that it was a outdated key but it made no change!


Now i am looking in my @exilemods folder and i notice a text file in addons named DBO_Old_Bike.txt and it says this



By downloading this set of files you accept the following conditions ,if you have uploaded these files without these licenses then you accept actions on behalf of all downloaders and reuplaoders in all matters pertaining to these licenses which maybe seen as prohibited and therefore subject to liabilities as decribed therein.

The Binarised PBO files are released under :

 The reason for this and the policy behinfd it is (IMO) as follows :

 In the Binarised PBO are files which are not released as Share alike but as APL and thus these files must be continouslty released as such.
 This means you have two options : 
(A)to make a new Bike (in this case) and repath your missing textures and or other files to : DBO_Crosser and add DBO_crosser to the Required addons in your cfgpatches
(B) Make a new folder structure and repath to the new folder ,adding the missing files  Public data (APL PBO) and release as i have under APL.

 these files are avilable by BIS under there public data downloads , however i have modeified them and thus wanting to share  i releasse under the Sharealike license , because these files are freely available and alli have done is modify , then this is correct , Yopu may choose not to share your changes and simply release a PBO thats binarised , this is frowned upon and obviously not in keeping with the sharealike ethos , however  i`m not sure of legalities

 Have fun and keep sharing



 I am not sure how to fix this so thank you for any help that you can provide!





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idk bout that text file but the server is kicking because of a wrong key signature. As you say you are playin with some friends only you could just set a password to make your server private and then set the option

verifySignatures = 0;

in your servers config file.

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Is the version of the @ExileMod on your server updated to the newest one? If your client is updated, but the server isn't, then the server will not let you join.

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