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RHS Pontoon bridge building

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Can someone help me configure how the RHS pontoon build works. I've been trying for a few days but no luck. 😞

My steps so far:

- I installed the required ACE and RHS MODs: CBA_A3, ACE3, ACE  Compat - GM, ACE Compat - RHS USAF, ACE Copmpat RHS AFRF, RHSUSAF, RHSAFRF

- According to the decsription on the Arma 3 pontoon scripts I did the following:

    - I copied the scripts into the mission folder (truck_load.sqf, place_pontoon.sqf, truck.sqf)

    - I placed the initialization of the necessary scripts in the init script:

          if (isServer) then {
          null = [] execVM "truck_load.sqf";
          null = [] execVM "place_pontoon.sqf";

    - For the pontoon objects I want to build with (I think these are the source pontoons), I copied the following line into their Init field:

        [this, true, [0, 3, 1], 10] call ace_dragging_fnc_setCarryable;


I don't understand exactly what the target pontoon is, and if I go to the pontoon object in the mission, only Fold pontoon and UNFOLD pontoon and Climb pontoon are possible, no other interaction appears so that it can be carried. In the video below, the player is shown a "Carry" interaction that allows them to pick up, carry, and place the pontoon object:



Does anyone have experience with this and can help me with the configuration steps?

Thanks in advance.

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