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Replayable Open world Historical Coop Set in 1920 Ireland

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Hello all,

I spent the last month making this open world multiplayer scenario where you play as a flying column in the Irish war of independence. It has excellent ambient music tracks and professional voice acting. Travel all around and attack the British forces to weaken their political will. if political will hits 20 or below you win. There are vehicle patrols, foot patrols, barracks with garrisons, lewis guns, rolls royce armored cars, a biplane, dynamically spawning civilian interactions, arms smugglers, real newspaper clippings from the time and place, and you can hear the word "fuck" shouted 13 different ways in an Irish accent when a player dies. Your team spawns at a random location each time you restart. If you find any bugs or have requests for what to put in the game just comment on the workshop page and I'll fix the issue or try to add what is requested. All the best and have fun 😃


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Cursing in Irish is one that makes me want to try this. Free Ireland!

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