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Interactive F-16, ARMA limitations discussion

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Hey all,
Some of you might have heard or seen the project that me and my team - Project Orion - have been working on. Just came by to showcase it and highlight a small issue that we and many other developers, who create these high-fidelity mods for ARMA.

You see - one of the issues we're facing is the limit of the MFD Values that we can display on the screens, which is quite relevant when your vehicle heavily relies on the information and inputs in the cockpit. The current limit is 50 - that is 50 "text" values and 50 numeric values that we can pass from our scripts to the aircraft itself. And that aint much.

If you want to show 5 waypoints on the tactical map in your MFD, you need to waste at least 10 of the MFD values (x and y coordinates, times 5). Every further custom information that I might want to pass to be displayed, takes another one of these slots. And the list piles up, our budget of 50 gets depleted very very fast.
I don't really want to get into details of it, but I hope you can see that this is not a very big budget for our needs. And that's something that affects me and my team, the Hatchet Team (the guys who made the interactible UH-60), and the Apache Project.
We raised a ticket in Bohemia feedback, it's been open for a year. Perhaps we could encourage Bohemia Interactive to increase the limit as a community, when this ticket gets more attention? T159957 Increase MFD Value/Text limits (bistudio.com)

Anyways, for the fun part, here's some screenshots from the WIP -more frequently updated on Project Orion's discord: https://discord.gg/wCUqFxs

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