Features Edit terrain's heightmap directly in the 3DEN editor. Raise, lower, smooth or flatten the ground. Works on any map. Convert static map objects into editor props so they can be easily adjusted to fit the new terrain. Edits are saved in the scenario file and applied automatically at mission start. SP and MP compatible (mostly). In multiplayer, only the server needs to have the mod.
  Brief demo: (from older version)   How to: Press SHIFT+Y in the editor to open the Deformer toolbar. More detailed instructions are found on the toolbar help button under settings menu. Save the mission before playtesting it!
Download at Steam Workshop:   Important:
Converting static terrain objects requires that they are available in 3den. You might need additional mods to gain access to them. Very large edited areas may lead to unforeseen consequences; low performance, instability. This mod is very alpha, and might break at any time. I can't guarantee that everything you make with it will work in future versions.   Possible features in the future: performance optimization make missions standalone so they can be played entirely without the mod More deformation methods  Export as SQF and/or other formats