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BTR-70 use Stance Adjust "Left Ctrl + Scrollwheel" to Turn-In and Out of Driver / Commander / x2 Passenger seats

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- Feature is present in all previous titles since OFP
- Opening the front hatch on the BTR-80 is great however limits visibility a lot

- Press "Stance Adjust key" AKA "Left Ctrl + Scrollwheel" to turn In or out for Driver, Commander, and the x2 rear passenger hatches
- Huge QOL and Situational Awareness improvement for First Person Driving
- Huge Situational Awareness improvement for Commander and rear passengers
- Would be applicable to future vehicles aswell such as LAV-25, BRDM-2
- BONUS: ability for commander to use binoculars while turned-out on the last "Left Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up" step





- Thank you for reading!

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