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Add an ability for players to unflip vehicles based on vehicle weight and number of friendly players/AI nearby

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The new physics based driving is awesome, kudos to the team for such a great job, however it brings some quirks with it

There are already a couple of mods that adress this, however non of them are run on official servers


I think most of us have experianced this scenario playing Conflict, speeding across a road/field in a Jeep or a UAZ, hitting a small rock/pothole and subsequently being in a crash with the vehicle ending up upside-down leaving 4-5 players stranded in the middle of nowhere, kilometers away from the nearest vehicle depot, left with no options but to respawn or having to run for 15 minutes.
And how many times has the team lost its MHQ respawn truck with it being flipped over in the middle of nowhere, driver respawning, leaving the team at a disadvantage because of this.
Here is an example:



Proposal is something like this, to make it a bit realistic and add a teamwork aspect to recovering flipped vehicles, that way we can radio for help if there are not enough players.

 - Server side setting for how many players/AI required in the viscinity to flip a vehicle based on players per vehicle metric ton (1000kg) rounded to the nearest ton (For example 1 player/AI per ton [1000kg])
 - Max cap of players/AI required (lets say 5) for heavy vehicles such as Trucks and BTR, etc


for example:

Jeep:            1100kg / 1000kg = 1.1 ton => round = 1 * (1 players/ton) = 1 player < 5 players max setting, 1 player required
Hummvee:   2400kg / 1000kg = 2.4 ton => round = 2 * (1 players/ton) = 2 players < 5 players max setting, 2 players required
UAZ:             1700kg / 1000kg = 1.7 ton => round = 2 * (1 players/ton) = 2 players < 5 players max setting, 2 players required
5 Ton:           9990kg / 1000kg = 10 ton => round = 10 * (1 players/ton) = 10 players > 5 players max setting, 5 players required
BTR:             11500kg /1000kg = 11.5 ton => round = 12 * (1 players/ton) = 12 players > 5 players max setting, 5 players required


Interactable UI Element that would be greyed out if not enough players for example: UNFLIP [3/5] 


Ofcourse with server side or mission difficulty setting this can be tunned (# players/ton, max players) to adjust to taste


- Thank you for reading!

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I for one do not think this should be a vanilla feature in any way, or at least not in a way proposed here. Towing wrecks, repairing on field or having recovery vehicles for this, sure. But any number of players being able to turn a flipped BTR or a 5ton and I begin to heavily question the reasoning behind it. If you got a vehicle flipped you dun goof'd and your team SHOULD be at a disadvantage. Should a server want this, there are mods already that do this, and Arma 3 had this mission specifically coded if the mission was arcade focused in its playstyle. I think by default vehicles should be an advantage that can be lost due to negligence on players part. Reckless driving should be discouraged, and if all it takes in a few players to unflip literal tons of equipment, there's no risk to losing it by driving it down a hill. 



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I agree with you it is not realistic for anything larger than a UAZ / light un-armored Hummve 

That is a great point would love to see a system similar to Spin Tires / Mud Runner / Snow Runner games. 

- If a vehicle has winch player can get out and attach it to nearby objects.
- Vehicles would have pre-deterimined points where a tow cable / winch can be attached to, would facilitate teamwork and make forfun recovery/unstuck gameplay and towing of disabled vehicles

On that point I forget how immersive offroad driving is in those games where bushes, branches and trees are not infinitley stiff and do-not just fall or stop the vehicle dead in its tracks, but instead sway and fold over when driven coliding with vehicles with realistic sound effects, would love to see something like that in ArmA 4

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