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Web Based Mod Viewer (public Alpha) For Arma Reforger

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Hey guys I thought I would share with you all my Public alpha of my Arma Reforger Mod Viewer this is a early build where you can at the moment:

  • See a list of available mods

This site is intended to work much like Steam Workshop did however this is currently very WIP and I will continue develop the site to contain:

  • Full page overview of mods with images and mod versions (very close to completion)


  • proper filtering of the items page to all categories 
  • A way to open the mod in the game from the website
  • A way for mod owners to sign up and register there mods and edit what is shown on the site 

The site is fully optimised for mobile and desktop find below some screenshots I've taken of the site just before launch





If your interesting in following the development consider following me on,



GitHub when it moves to open source

Finally what you've all been waiting for the URL of the site, you can find it at:


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