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[SP] Nogova Conflict

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May 2, 1984

During the night your home town Trosky was attacked by hostile military forces, origin unknown. You barely escaped with your life and then found refuge in the nearby forest. Morning has arrived... It's time to find out what's going on, and perhaps consider doing something about it.



Embark on an adventure that takes you from one end of the island to the other. Fight to reclaim your homeland, join with allied forces along the way to defeat the enemy.


Features Included

Go from being a hard working civilian to an experienced soldier over time.

Take part in large battles while fighting along side allies.

Jump on board military convoys that are moving allied troops to strategic locations.

Experience a variety of unique situations along the way, including taking part in Special Operations.

Interact with specific allied soldiers during the story line.

Choose to take on challenging optional tasks that come up during the mission.

A Few Final Details

This is an island wide mission. This mission is not intended to be completed in one play session due to time required.

The overall difficulty of the content is moderate. There are a few optional tasks that come up, these tasks are challenging, but are not required to be completed in order to carry on in the main story line.


Along the journey, there will be both objects and allied units that you can interact with. All you need do is be within reasonable distance of them and the option will show to interact.


There are a few situations where a little patience is needed due to some time waiting for an expected event to occur, the wait time typically is around five minutes. Things in the mission are happening in real time, meaning that when various military forces are moving from one location to another - this is happening in real time, there is no spawning. Feel free to use the fast speed option while waiting for an event to complete. This also goes for clearing a few areas of bad guys, where the last few may take a little time before they either show up or are found. When it could be afforded, areas to be cleared of enemies do not always require taking out every last guy.


During the mission there are a number of areas where allied radio comms happen and also text based dialog interactions with allied units. There is no voiced dialog in the mission, primarily because I am one guy, whom expended all my energy to create the mission and do not have the resources to attain voiced dialog.


There is music at certain times during the mission. Good old OFP music!


The addon requirements are the same as what is required by the CWR III campaign. These addon requirements are listed on the steam page for the mission under 'Required items'.

Known Issues

There are a couple of big battles during the mission content. Most of the mission content is pretty rock solid in reliability, but during the few big battles the reliability is roughly at 90%. That being said, if something goes wrong, go back to a previous save, and things will likely be fine. I have done all I can do within reason to fix issues during the couple of large scale battles. The mission does create auto-saves periodically during the story line.



Link to mission file on Steam: Nogova Conflict Mission


If you enjoy the mission content, please spend the one minute it takes to come back and rate the mission and maybe provide some feedback as well. This is greatly appreciated, as it keeps the mission in view for others to discover it and be able to enjoy the content. Thanks!



Simple Convoy Script by Tova.

Artillery Barrage Script - Cold Evil posted the code he found from old Arma 2 scripts. The original author unknown.

Para Drop Code by DayZ Medic - from his YouTube video - ArmA 3 Mission Editing : AI Para Drop (no mods).

All the Cup content and CWR III content crafted by many great modders - thanks for their years of hard work to bring back amazing content.

BIS for making a great game that is the most reasonable (of all games I've seen) to create custom content from.


As the author of Nogova Conflict, I do not permit the public release of any form of Nogova Conflict in *single player* format. This is purely for safety of the hard work put into the mission.

I do permit the release of any *multi-player* form of Nogova Conflict. If someone is brave enough, and has the skills to try to make a multi-player version of the mission, you have a green light.


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