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DAYZ franchise expansion ideas

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Hi Bohemia Team,


I started playing DAYZ just recently after buying the Steam promotion including the Livonia expansion. I am very super enthusiastic about DAYZ!!!

That game I should have been playing Day One from its release. 🙂


Perhaps it would be an idea to roll out the DAYZ franchise further in line with e.g. Assassin Creed type of historical settings. I was thinking perhaps it would be cool to go back in time

to old Romania / Transylvania and set the DAYZ scene in the 18th century and with zombies but with vampires walking around. Surviving while exploring Transylvania and roaming for ancient 

weapons and clothing from that era.


Or for example go back to the Dark Ages set in England....etc etc 


Just some ideas born out of enthusiasm for DAYZ and the further possibilities I see 🙂


Anyone has some additional ideas?

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