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[Feedback] Conflict

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Hey, after roughly 5000hrs of CTI on Arma 3 and 90hrs on the Conflict gamemode in Arma Reforger, here is some some things I noticed:


  • Its great that you added med boxes with bandages to the smaller towns, but for some reason Military Base Levie and Military base Villeneuve dont seem to have any. (Or am i blind?)
  • Why is the number of radio backpacks in larger military based (Matros,  Levie , Villeneuve, etc) limited but in small camps you can get an unlimited amount? (In the radio tent you can get an unlimited amount). Wouldn't it make more sense the other way around?
  • Mobile HQ engine should be disabled when deployed so new players dont accidentally take it and drive away.
    Many dont seem to understand what the MHQ does, and it can be very frustrating when you spend a lot of time to bring and hide it near the front line. Then somebody just drives it into the enemy camp and gets it destroyed.
  • It is impossible to dissembled e.g. the armory in order to change its side.
  • AI of towns sometimes spawns on the location of armory / vehicle depots, forcing you to kill them in order to be able to construct them (happens e.g. Quarry)
  • Spawning on someone with a radio backpack spawns you exactly inside them:
    • The radio operator might kill you, when hes shooting while you are spawning
    • You are stuck inside each other, neither can move. You have to go prone to get unstuck
    • Constantly people spawning inside you, getting you stuck is very annoying.
    • I must note however, that the backpack spawning mechanic is really nice in general, as the make people automatically form squads on the fly.
  • The Field Manual about constructing structures does not explain how to rotate them.
  • Why no backpacks on the armory? At least in only on big mil bases? (Levie and Villeneuve)
    • Makes it very difficult to utilized the LMGs, as you can not take a spare magazine for them (doesnt fit into default clothing).
  • Many towns have 0 bunkers than can be placed (or rather are actually usefull), while others have dozens in a larger radius around the town. 
    • Add a few locations that could be favorable for e.g. Machine gun nests especially on key towns, in almost 90 hrs of Conflict I have not see them get used once.
      Meaux is a positive example. The bunkers actualy provide cover for both attacker and defender, and can be used to e.g. watch the street.
      Similar this should be done on other towns especially on key towns at large highways:
      • Tyrone has pretty much no useful bunkers that can be build, despite being fairly open and a key location (e.g on the road to Hornbeam Valley, or the road to Montignac)
      • Simons Wood is also very open and flat, next to a big road, yet almost nothing can be build there
  • Some sort of respawn for AI defending a location should be added, in late game there is usually nobody defending any objective, especially in towns far behind the front line.
    As a result it becomes a "town rushing", where you race from one town to the next as fast as possible.
    • Maybe an option to respawn town defense on the command center in exchange for supplies?
    • Or like Naval bases these towns should be reinforced automatically every 30min if they are "secure"
  • Spawn locations inside towns are weird.
    • Sometimes the spawn point is inside the tent, sometimes outside. Sometimes in the center of an open field with no cover nearby (e.g. as in Mil base Levie).
      Is that intentional for balance?
      As a result on some towns it becomes very easy to just lock down the spawn, by spawn killing.
    • Sometimes spawns are too close to the radio. This makes it very hard to capture the town, as enemies can respawn next to you while you configure the radio.
      Meaning you need to deplete all their spawns first before being able to cap the point. This is not possible alone and needs at least 3-4 people to accomplish.
  • Balance:
    • Overall the Russian forces currently seem quite a bit stronger. Not only do they by default have a Full automatic rifle, but they also have access to 45 round mags, and vehicles like the BTR.
      The full automatic rile is a big advantage in cqb.
    • Vehicles like BTR are not very strong in fire power, but the armor allows somebody to sit inside and act as a fairly secure spawning point. While armed Humvees are faster, the gunner is exposed and an easy target, so is the driver and the other passengers.
    • Russian forces can also get ammunition for free from the green forces, as they also use AKs, RPGs and SVGs.
      This allows you to operate longer without having to switch weapons or worry about ammunition.




Bugs (I try not to list engine specific issues):

  • Armories tend to revered to the american side when the server crashes and a save is loaded. (Noticed it on Military base Levie)
  • Sometimes disconnected users with a radio backpack retain their spawnpoint, allowing you to spawn on it forver, and the enemy cant do anything about. Though Most of the time spawning on it gets you killed (spawning in the sky or under ground).
    Edit: I think this is related to the invisible glitch
  • Respawn screen is terribly inconsistent. Sometimes even allows you to spawn on already lost towns.
    • incorrectly shows 0s to spawn on radio backpacks when its still 30s+
    • randomly spawns you at other towns
    • spawns you at a different undesired location when the selected spawn point becomes unviable 
    • towns have to be re-slected multiple times to ensure you are spawning at the correct location
  • Spawning on someone while he is in a car, can cause you to first be placed in front of the car before being moved into a seat.
    This can kill you instantly as the car will run you over before the script can move you.
    It is also very confusing for the driver, as he cant tell if somebody actually spawning in the car, or spawned on the road and is left behind.#
  • Disconnected users sometimes leave their body behind, this comes in the form of an unkillable AI that just stands around. Often found on spawn points in towns. (Cleanup needed).
  • Sometimes during capturing a base radio, the progress is reset and you have to start anew.




Overall I really like the game mode so far. The dynamics of player squads, of attackers and defenders, works well.

Key towns like Tyrone, Meaux , Montignac, Entre Deux, Matros, and Provins make really great for battles due to their terrain and connection to the road.


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