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Rush Reforged is a recreation of the fast-paced Battlefield Rush game mode in Arma Reforger.


Workshop item name: Rush


How does the game mode work?

The map is divided into multiple "stages", each stage containing at least one objective, so-called MCOMs. Attackers have to reach these objectives, arm them and guard them until they detonate, whereas defenders need to stop the attackers from doing so. Detonating all objectives of a stage will advance the match to the next stage and set of objectives. The attacking team has a limited amount of respawn tickets and time available to complete each stage.



- Attackers and defenders with customized loadouts

- 2 maps with random weather variants

- Customized kill feed

- A custom scoring system for kills or objective related tasks

- Leaderboard with kills, deaths and score at the end of each match


How do I play?

Search for "Rush" on the workshop and install the latest version. In the server browser, searching for "Rush" in the top right corner should present you with some servers to test the game mode on 🙂

Our own server is reachable under the name Rush Reforged Official.



Please don't hesitate to let me/us know what you think of the game mode and how it could be improved. We are also looking for new locations on Everon to create maps with!



optix (ryantt)



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Now, make this work with the AI so it's PvE, instead of PvP 🙂

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sweet 👍 got any pics or videos?

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Excellent idea! Getting AI to play the objective would be amazing.

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A few minor/major requests I think would improve gameplay: 
Push the defenders out of attacker spawn on next Mcom set, the way bf does it.  

Add more vehicle spawns

Lower tickets - Tickets never run out before time in 16v16.  

Better attacker spawn defense.  Having things built up a bit at each spawn would help attackers push off spawn killers.  On the other hand, randomized spawn locations within the current zone would solve the problem for defenders too.  

Countdown timer at end of round - A lot of new to the mission players leave after the round in confusion, without realizing they just have to wait till next round. 

Alternating attack and defense for teams.  Let us battle it out from both sides on the same map like battlefield before moving us on to the next. 

Better kill detection script to combat Arma bugginess making some players deaths appear as suicides (Part of the ticket problem, I think?)

Modded versions - Would be very nice to have the thompson, mortars, ak74, etc. 
Open up the github and discord mentioned on the mod's description page & provide documentation so others can help fill out new locations.  This would also allow others to provide more direct feedback on area imbalances.  


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Hello and thank you for all the replies!


Restricted zones is definitely something we will be adding in the near future to mitigate people camping the spawns too harshly, as well as prevent them from flanking too far, to keep the fights in a reasonable area.


The countdown timer seems like something easy to add, currently it only says "Next round will begin soon". I'll add a counter so it's clear you can just stay on the server.


Alternating teams is something I really wanted to do originally, but currently the name tag system by Bohemia (which we are using) is giving me a headache by showing enemy players tags when forcing them to swap teams. I'm not sure how to fix this at the moment, but as soon as that's cleared I'll make it so one team defends then attacks before rotating the map.


Better kill detection is something I was looking at, but sadly the engine itself sometimes report damage coming out of nowhere essentially, making it impossible to trace back who actually dealt the damage, hence this is something I'll have to wait for Bohemia to fix.


Modded weapons are definitely a good idea, we just want to keep the overall download footprint reasonable and keep balancing in mind, but there will definitely be new weapons on our server sooner or later. This is something easy to customize for other hosters.


Regarding the GitHub repo: We are just in the process of publishing a new map that's hopefully going to be a real experience, after that and once the zone restriction utilities are included, the repo will become public as we feel like then is the right time for others to build maps with the utils we are able to provide, expect a week max of delay until then, just depends on how fast I get the zone restrictions done and some other small quirks!


Thanks again for checking out the mode and providing feedback!

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