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Reference to an existing entity / even if an BI map object / hide map objects

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I try to find a method to

1. reference to any object out of a script tied to another entity.

 - f.e. i have a truck named SaRo_BMHQ_Hillbilly01 and I want to hide a camo net which is not named but which is ordered below the truck in the Hierarchy:




- I need to know how to reference the camo net out of a trucks event script.

2.  - How to hide that camo net generally


3. - How to first reference and then hide an AR map object using the EOnInit event handler of the game mode entity (or maybe there is another better init method?).

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I am no expert but have been trying to do similar things, here are some things I have learnt so far:


1) Action scripts:  https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Action_Context_Setup

2) In the workbench script editor search for UserActions, there are lots of examples. TestPushUserAction : PerformAction uses the SCR_InteractableBoxComponent

2)  Add SCR_InteractableBoxComponent to your prefab, which can be used to do more complex actions and events but you could just use a simple action script

You can find it from the action script using this code:

GenericEntity genEnt = GenericEntity.Cast(pOwnerEntity);
AM_InteractableBoxComponent boxComponent = AM_InteractableBoxComponent.Cast(genEnt.FindComponent(AM_InteractableBoxComponent));
if (boxComponent)


3) You can view the script for each component by right clicking on it

4) You can spawn a new entity also with this code, disclaimer I am not sure about the rpl stuff,  still learning at the moment?:

	private void SpawnEntity( string entityString )
		// Server obj
		//if (m_rpl.IsMaster())
			VObject obj = m_Owner.GetVObject();	
			vector objectPosition = m_Owner.GetOrigin();
			Resource resource = Resource.Load( entityString );
			//Resource resource = Resource.Load("{FD7FC6D54771949A}Prefabs/Weapons/Warheads/Warhead_Smoke.et}");		

			IEntitySource entitySource = SCR_BaseContainerTools.FindEntitySource(resource);
			//~ Spawn at ground or sea position
		    EntitySpawnParams spawnParams = new EntitySpawnParams();
			objectPosition = objectPosition + "0 0 1";
		    spawnParams.Transform[3] = objectPosition;
		    SCR_Global.SnapToTerrain(spawnParams.Transform, GetGame().GetWorld(), true);
			//~ Apply scale from prefab
		    float scale;
			entitySource.Get("scale", scale);
			if (scale != 1)
					SCR_Math3D.ScaleMatrix(spawnParams.Transform, scale);
	        GetGame().SpawnEntityPrefab(resource, GetGame().GetWorld(), spawnParams);
			m_Owner.SetOrigin(objectPosition + "0 0 2");



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