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Find nearest road position?

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Just want a way to spawn a vehicle on the nearest road, pointing in the direction of the road.. a very simple thing to do in Arma 3 but seems impossible in Reforger.


running a "QueryEntitiesBySphere" and looking for "RoadEntity" comes up with nothing (I believe these are only in the world editor)

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how and where exactly are you running QueryEntitiesBySphere?

It's not the case that I could help you much with your problem but I wan't to try out that method and learn it's usage...


Edit: after following the link in the below post it is done this way:

GetGame().GetWorld().QueryEntitiesBySphere(marker.GetOrigin(), m_iCityRange, CheckHouseAddToArray, FilterHouseEntities, EQueryEntitiesFlags.STATIC);

So it's a GetGame.GetWorld method.


Declaration of that method in BaseWorld.c:

proto external bool QueryEntitiesBySphere(vector center, float radius, QueryEntitiesCallback addEntity, QueryEntitiesCallback filterEntity = null, EQueryEntitiesFlags queryFlags = EQueryEntitiesFlags.ALL);


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