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Alpha Platoon 

SEAL Team 1

Who Are We?:

We are a small group mainly from the US and UK, 1st Squad is mostly UK/EU based and 2nd Squad is mostly US based. We do recruit from anywhere as long as you can make the mission times and speak English.

The age limit to join is 17 


Our ops:

Mainly small team tactics, based on what the SEAL teams did during the Vietnam war. Recon patrols, raids, HVT capture and assassination ect. Boat and Hely insertions,



  • MG Gunner M60
  • MG Gunner Stoner
  • Radio Op
  • Medic
  • Scout




GMT & EST Operation Times: 2000hrs Saturdays, in each respective time zone. However we have squads running ops most evenings


We are also looking for MST Boat crew and Helicopter pilots for the Seawolves. We have no initial basic training, we have members on most nights so can teach the basics, we train together.
Anyone interested please either DM me on here or join our discord.


Website: www.sealteam1-arma.com

 Discord: https://discord.gg/FHPqYsEQ7j


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