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[MP/COOP/80+ players] Command & Vanquish V1.14 Stable

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Command & Vanquish is born from the experience on Arma 3 of a former soldier, bored of playing Invade & Annex who decided to come up with something better. This mission is meant for 80 players.

Command & Vanquish can now also be used on hosted MP missions.



- No more single AO spawning randomly. AI will invade the island from the shore moving toward your bases and eventually attacking your base. The AI will target your respawn points. The AI will not advance until it has performed the number of kills specified in the setting.cfg file (default: 30).

- Fully configurable.
- Scripted event handlers for better integration.
- AI will attack citizens, stores and strategic points in order to ensure their supply line and their communications.
- AI can gain skills depending on what they have under control.


How does Command & Vanquish works ?
Command & Vanquish is not completely different from Invade & Annex. We consider Command & Vanquish V1.00 as an "upgraded version of Invade & Annex".


                      Main AOs

Main AOs are where the largest part of the CSAT army is deployed. They will take the area under control and take position in the buildings of the cities inside the area if there are. In order to retake control of the area you will need eliminate all ennemies inside.

  • Chemical Danger

The CSAT will not hesitate to use chemical weapons. Areas with detected chemical agents are marked with a "hd_loc" marker. In order to penetrate these areas safely you MUST wear a CBRN suit and a Regulator Mask. If you penetrate an area with chemical agents without the apropriate equipment, you will suffocate and die in a few minutes.

  • Forward post and Supply post

When the CSAT takes control of an area they may decide to build a Forward Post or a Supply Post in this area. These posts ensure communications and the supply line of the CSAT. Their presence will improve ennemy skills. Kill every CSAT member in a post to deactivate it.


  • Minefields

The CSAT will create minefields in main AOs. Don't forget your mine detector.


                      The Command Post

Once the CSAT have 2 AOs under control, they will settle a Command Post. This Command Post comes along with the CSAT Commander. This is where everything changes. As long as the CSAT Commander is alive:

- The CSAT has the ability to perform artillery fire mission on your bases.

- Supply Posts become reinforcement post. Whenever a squad is killed on the AO, the Commander will send helicopter reinforcements to keep the area under control.

- If half of the troops deployed over an Ao is killed, the Commander can decide to call heavy reinforcements and paradrop over 40 men and around 3 vehicles.


The CSAT Commander can be captured or killed.

                      Secondary AOs

Secondary AOs are designed to match with the missions of a soldier in the reality. They are made of 2 or 3 ennemy squads and can be completed with single squad. Based on what happened in the story of mankind, secondary AOs brings more variety to the gameplay while maintaining a high level of immersion. Files and documents can be found and brought back to the Evacuation marker.


Hostage Taking: the CSAT is making hostage for political purposes. Eliminate the hostiles and rescue the hostages without harming them.

Fuel Depot: the CSAT need resources to continue this war and most of all they need fuel to have their vehicles working. Seize the depot and kill any threats.

Research Center: the CSAT is investing 20% of their money in research. We don't know what they came up with, but if the CSAT intends to build a research center on a battlefield, we should pay attention to it.

Civilian Rescue: Once the CSAT have a Command Post they can use artillery. The CSAT will not hesitate to bombarde cities in order to destabilize the country. Rescue the civilians before the bombardement.

Complex construction: The Sattelites have detected complex in construction by the CSAT. Destroy them to prevent the CSAT to settle.

Convoys: Every army has logistic teams. Destroy or seize the convoys. Bring the cargo trucks to the Evacuation marker .

Food Supply: In order to ensure their food supply CSAT will also attack supermarkets and shops. Better fed soldiers fight better. When the CSAT have a food supply line, their entire army gain +1 skill.

Transmission Tower: The CSAT will attack any existing comminucation towers. Taking control of the civilians communication lines is vital for the CSAT. When the CSAT controls a transmission tower their entire army gain +1 skill. Eliminate enemy troops and if needed, destroy the communication tower.


In order to bring back the CSAT fuel tanks to Base, you will have to use the scripted event handler IARTS_CV_Player_CarryObject and code a way to transport them to the evacuation marker on your own. A Vehicle Inventory is implemented in Command & Vanquish Extended Version to solve this problem


Download Link: Command & Vanquish V1.14 Stable


I want to install Command & Vanquish ! How do i setup the mission ?

A documentation.pdf file is included inside the pbo archive. Every setting is explained in this file. Command & Vanquish is also made of multiple scripted event handlers to provide you greater control on the mission.
Feel free to complete usual scripts like init.sft and onPlayerRespawn.sqf with your own scripts. You can also install Command & Vanquish on an other map, just copy and paste the files. You will probably need to pay attention to two variables in particular (IARTS_CV_INSERTION_AT_SHORE and IARTS_CV_INSERTION_DISTANCE) and some others like IARTS_CV_MINIMUM_DISTANCE_IN_BETWEEN_MAIN_AOS...

If you customize this mission, note that all vehicles, drones, turrets (anything with fuel or cargo seats) MUST BE initiated with

this spawn compileScript ["IARTS_Command&Vanquish\initVehicle.sqf"];

and all players MUST BE  initiated with

_unit call compileScript ["IARTS_Command&Vanquish\script\initPlayer.sqf"];


Command & Vanquish Extended Version

Command & Vanquish Extended Version in meant for those who don't already have scripts and administration tools. This version is being tested on the 33rd Joint Tactical Group server and is yet to come.

- Possibility to give ranks to players.
- Administration tools.
- Implementation of plugins: CarryObject, Slingload, Key system, Capture system, Additional Inventory, Computer system, Drag and Carry, Transportable Items (HEMTT Flatbed), Liquids tanks ( can be filled with any type of fluids), Vehicle Resupply System, Vehicle Fuel System, Base computer (to order vehicles, weapons and ammo), Upgraded Bobcat, Rank Displayer, Function Displayer, Squad Manager.
- Every BLUFOR objects (vehicle players equipment, containers, objects..) are saved in the database and will be loaded at mission start.
- A deadly shot will kill the player otherwise the player will fall unconscious.

Updates coming soon for Command & Vanquish

- No more Aos. Ai will build a base and start operations from this base. In order to capture a position, AI will create a task force and send them to the desired position from the main base. Players will have to use UAV and create patrols to search for the enemy instead of having beautiful markers on their map to tell them where the AI is.
-New role: operator. Updates will come with new radar and radio systems. Players will need operators to operate these systems and ensure the communication of provided informations to the squads.
- Civilians will now have a say. The population will approve or disapprove your presence depending on your actions and the damage you cause. The more the population hates you is the more taxes you have to pay to buy your equipment and vehicles.
- Computer systems and internet. Ability to hack the ennemy and to be hacked.
- Electric system. Devices, computer and lights will require electric power. AI will try to cut off your power supply.



If you want to know more about our projects (the Terran Project in particular), feel free to read our patreon page.

If you have any issue or questions about Command & Vanquish, you can join our Discord.







The 33rd Joint Tactical Group is the first test server of our entire project. No mods required.

The 33rd JTAC is a detachment of NATO forces deployed to counter CSAT invasion on Altis. The CSAT will attempt to conquer the lands until they reach your base and attack it. The CSAT will proceed with secondary objectives leading strategical operations even against the civilian. Whether you are a pilot or or a rifleman, you are a NATO soldier. You duty is to repel ennemy invasion and put an end to the CSAT operations in this region. You must protect the civilians and evacuate them when necessary.

This server is running Command & Vanquish Extended Version. Every player have a military file with observations and a rank. There is no SQL server yet but every profile will be transferred to the Terran Project database.

Why did you create this server ?

Basically because a lot of player are tired of playing invade & annex when we can do much better with arma engine. First idea was to bring a change creating something that would look more to what we can see in a modern war. Every country have an army so if you want to take control of the territory you will most likely have to invade the territory from the borders. This is Command & Vanquish.
Second idea is to implement realistic movements of troops. Armies don't just spawn in an AO, they have to travel from their forward base to the destination and most of the time, sattelites don't see them. You have to use drones and send patrols to search for the enemy. This is what Command & Vanquish V2.00 will reproduce.

What's the point of playing on the 33rd Joint Tactical Group ?

The 33rd Joint Tactical Group have been created to bring a new milsim/roleplay experience to the players. With a clear chain of command and the possibility to be promoted or assigned to a specific function, playing on the 33rd Joint Tactical Group will make you taste the life of a soldier. The life of a soldier is not only made of fights but also made of training, logistic, strategy and commandement. Playing on the 33rd Joint Tactical Group will give you the possibility to be a Commander, a UAV operator, a computer operator, a pilot or a soldier and to be named Executive Commander, Field Commander, Air Commander, commander of a base, responsible for supplies, new recuits, company leader, platoon leader and more...

We do not have a team to bring the server to life we're counting on you to populate the server. We will also invite well known teams (77th JSOC, NakSquad for example) to test Command & Vanquish on the server. We'll keep you posted on our twitter page and our discord so you can come an test with them.


You can join the server

- Name: 33rd Joint Tactical Group | Command & Vanquish V090 | Altis
- Ip adress:


We do not have a team yet so do not hesitate to join the server with friends.

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Hi !


Look's like impressive




"The transfer you requested has been deleted."

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19 minutes ago, Totem974 said:

Hi !


Look's like impressive




"The transfer you requested has been deleted."

The download link have been updated.

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Version 1.01 Released.


- Fixed issue with the function IARTS_CV_getAOInRange
- Added function IARTS_CV_isCommanderActive

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Version 1.03 released

- Added minefield. The CSAT will now create minefields in main AOs.

- Possible errors corrected

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Command & Vanquish V1.03 can now be used on hosted MP missions.

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Version 1.04 released !

- Fixed issue with the research center

- Fixed issue with civilian rescue AO

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Version 1.05 released:

- Fixed critical issue with the research center.

Everything should work properly now.

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Version 1.10 Stable released:
- Fixed issues with populated servers
- Fixed all issues with CSAT device vulnerability

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Version 1.11 Released:

- adjusted sleep timer for better performances

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need any setup or can we use mission pbo file for dedicated server?

what about ACE+CUP vesion , are you going add it?

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On 6/15/2022 at 1:38 PM, [GSF] Georgians said:

need any setup or can we use mission pbo file for dedicated server?

what about ACE+CUP vesion , are you going add it?

This mission is a base. You will need to setup the mission if you're not using Altis as map. The pbo is meant to be modified with your own init.sqf, onPlayerRespawn.sqf etc... . You can run this pbo on a test server, the pbo includes a vehicle respawn script, an arsenal and player respawn but that's all. If you intend to use the mission on a public server you will need to add your own scripts such the squad manager, helicopter slingload, carry and drag players, a player and vehicle markers script, scripts to kick and ban players etc...
This pbo also includes an unnecessary file such the documentation.pdf file which weights 2Mo / 6.
A Command and Vanquish Extended Version will be released soon, this version will include all necessary scripts to be runned on a server without any required modifications excepts the setting.cfg file.

The Extended version will include:

- Carry Objects

- Key system for vehicleseand containers

- Liquid system. Liquid container and vehicles fuel tanks can be filled with any liquids. You will need to make sure to choose the right liquid.

- New refuel system

- New vehicle ressupply system

- Squad Manager (U)

- Additional Inventory (I) to store item not handled by arma default inventory

- Helicopter Slingload

- Vehicle Additional Inventory, in order to transport item not handled by arma default vehicle inventory.

- HEMTT Flatbed can be used to transport heavy containers, turrets and light vehicles.

- Base account system. Players will have to buy vehicles, weapons and ammo. The base gain money when players accomplish missions.

- Rank System

- Players and vehicles map markers script.

- Drag and carry wounded soldiers

And more...

Command and Vanquish Extended version is currently running on my test server: 33rd Joint Tactical Group | Command & Vanquish V090 | Altis


Concerning ACE and CUP version, i'm getting a look at it.

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Version 1.13 released:

- Various glitches causes by transition from Extended version to Standard version corrected
- Added Snipers

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