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I'm not able to get any invisible targets to work correctly.  In fact I can't seem to get ai to shoot at invisible targets at all in MP.  In SP, they stop shooting at invisible targets if the target has been moved.  Have tried vanilla invisible targets and CBA invisible targets.


Interested in:


1)  Ai should automatically detect and shoot at invisible targets.


2)  Invisible targets must not block bullets or unit movement.


3)  Ideally, Ai should continue to shoot at invisible targets that have been moved using setposasl.


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I think I've got it more or less working now with cba invisible targets.


I believe I was making two mistakes.


1)  The invisible target needs to be invulnerable, or else guys shooting at it will destroy it (and they'll stop shooting).


2)  The helper object I was using to see where the invisible object was going, was apparently occluding the AI's view of the invisible target.

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