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Hadi Banari

There is no crosshair in ah1 z in the pilot section

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in arma 2   combined operations in ah1 There is no crosshair in the pilot section but in gunner have it..

just in gunner set is there ! 
I think there is a problem with the config file .

also i have  Iranian force mode in arma 2  and In this ah1 j  and as well in the pilot section is no crosshair

where the problam!? 

but i have  2 version of config file . fo ah1j .... any for 2010   and  any for 2018 

the crosshair is when I upload the 2010 file by helicopter, but when I upload the 2018 file, crosshair is not.


2010: udl6.png

20108: udl6.png

no crosshair :arma2oa2010-10-1422-28iutn_rx8m.png

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