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[COOP6] Gendarmerie: GCRF

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Hey fellow Arma players,

while customizing a unit in the virtual arsenal I was like "Man, I would really like a coop mission as gendarmerie"... So I created it.


About this mission:

Duration: 2-3h
- Base discovery with respawn system
- Vehicle store
- Performance boosting (the mission is quite huge. Inactive units will not be processed)
- Civilian population


Workshop page:



I really want to create a nice and stable mission. So please send me any feedback you have. From bugs to your playthrough experience.

Note: The mission contains tasks where you need to search for evidence. I intentionally did not mark their location on the map. In case you find them too hard to find, please tell me. In case you cannot find all evidence:


The evidence is always some secret documentation prop that is located on a table. Around every table there is some whiteboard. Evidence can be in sheds, on balconies of factories as well as under tents.


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