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[A3] [Recruiting] [OPTRE] [EST] 89th Joint Task Force

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The 89th Joint Task Force wants you to help defend humanity! Founded in the early 2500's to combat the growing insurrection threat across the outer colonies, the 89th JTF served as a premiere expeditionary force in readiness for the UNSC. Even now, in late 2525, aboard the 6th Battle Group, we stand ready to put down rebel threats and alien incursion alike.

The 89th Joint Task Force is a MILSIM-Lite OPTRE unit. With a good handful of our members and leadership either active military or prior-military, we're able to tune the unit to scratch the more realistic itch our members have while also keeping it casual enough for our more easy going members.

We are also new player friendly; whether you are new to Arma or an Arma Veteran, our extensive Instructor Corps will be happy to teach you everything you need to know to join the fight.

As a Joint Task Force, we are comprised of a Marine platoon and 2 detachments:

Anvil Company: The Marines, the boots on the ground. Here is where you are the most versatile and always on your toes. As the backbone of our force, you will be responsible for the bulk of combat operations as well as any other directives passed down from command, whether it be humanitarian aid or the collection of intelligence through local assets. Within Anvil Company there are a variety of roles to be filled, such as Anti-Tank gunner or Auto-rifleman, and many more. Every member of our force started here, earning their stripes as a grunt on the front line.

Legion Squadron: Our birds in the sky. Comprised of very experienced Arma players, they are an integral part of our task force, providing various needs such as close air support, assault support, and logistical flight operations. Operating a variety of UNSC air assets, Legion is able to adapt to most tasks at hand, helping ensure the success of JTF forces below.

Goliath ODST: The Helljumpers, Going in feet first, Goliath operates closely with the Marines as a force multiplier, while also retaining the ability to operate as a standalone force. Able to perform any task handed to them, they often supports the Marines with medical capabilities, or should the need arise for a small surgical force to operate behind enemy lines Goliath has no qualms.


This sounds great! What do I need to join?

- Minimum 18 years of age; anyone younger may join but they must go undergo a deeper evaluation to assure they can display the appropriate level of commitment.

- A working mic and headset.

- Ability to speak and understand English.

- A level of patience and the willingness to learn.

- A commitment to being a consistent member and team player. Activity minimums for the active component is one(1) main operation a week, and for the reserve component two(2) operations a month.

What We Offer:

- 2 Main Operation Days every Friday & Sunday at 7:00pm (1900) EST.

- A dedicated server and TS open 24/7

- Fun, Story driven Zeus-ran campaigns with attention to lore detailing, as well as fun/side operation sporadically hosted by a number of our dedicated zeuses.



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