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Looking for people willing to create Script/Mod. Will pay.

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Not sure if I'm posting this in the right area but here goes nothing.


I run a private Mission with a few of my friends and have been doing this for a few years now.

Most of the missions is controlled and tracked through Zeus but its difficult to keep track of everything as I am the only Game Master and there is a lot to keep track of.

I'm hoping there would be some trusted people out there willing to make some scripts to make my job easier as I lack any knowledge on ArmA scripting and simply don't have time to learn/make it myself.


I do not need everything listed below mostly just "Life Tracking System"


I will pay for each one created. We can discuss prices together.


Obviously am willing to pay a fair price for it which is why I'm looking for trusted/known people then random people.

I've listed everything I need below its hopefully not to complicated. I would prefer it being a mod but I do not mind scripts.


| Life tracking system | MOST IMPORTANT TO ME


My players have 3 life's on each mission. Every time they respawn they lose 1 life and when they run out of life's they are not allowed back into the mission until its finished.


What I need


Hud Elements that players can see that shows how many life's they have.


The Ability to give/take a life away manually.

Warning telling Players they have run out of life's.

Allow the Admin/Owner to give other players the ability to give one of their life's to another person ( Hopefully a public message that says "Player 1 gave 1 life to Player 2"


| Role System |


My Project allows Players to choose their role before every mission.

I do not need something complicated but something that can give people the traits/Ability they should have when they select their role.


What I need 


Allow players to open a menu and select their Role. ( When they select their Role it will let everybody know what role they selected )

Once they select their role Player will be given the Traits and Abilities connected to the Role.


We can talk about the Roles in DM's I have them all written down and I'll explain their abilities and Traits they will need.

Suggestions are also welcome!


This one is not to important to me but would allow players to sort themselves out without having me go back and forth confirming this and that while also working on the Mission.


| Shop System |


Something Similar to Liberation.

We Focus on infantry Combat not vehicle combat but would prefer having access to buy everything.


What I need


The Ability to remove some Vehicles from the list ( Some are used as Fire Support which you unlock. )


Only allow access to the shop when players are within the Base Area. ( A nice idea would make it so when players are within vicinity of a certain object they gain access to the shop. May be easier to keep track of players inside base radius that way )


The Ability to Spawn Crates that when marked by Players ( HoldAction on the crate would play some crate sounds then it would disappear letting the player know the supplies have been collected. )

This would obviously add Supplies to the Supply Counter


Persistent System that remembers how much it had before last Server Shutdown ( Or a way to manually update it with configuration )


A way to remove/Add Supplies to the Supply Counter manually ( Owner/Admin only access )


This one would be really helpful and save myself time and allow players to manually deal with these problems rather then having me go back an fourth like mentioned above.



This is everything i need currently. One thing to keep in mind is i really only need the first one. Life Tracking System.

The other one would just help me out and keep me from having to manually control everything.


I will pay for each System Created and i do not mind if you post it out for the public or make a full fledged mod about it on the Steam Workshop.

I just need it to have the features listed above.


We can discuss prices on Discord PattyPN#1881





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