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Elephant Island 2035

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In the late Arma 2 days I had the idea to port the good old 'Core Island' from VBS1 to the new engine. It turned out that the CEO at the time, Pete Morrison, had the same idea, but a collaboration never happened. I guess he never had enough time. So after I got his permission, I continued the idea on my own. As it always happens, more people came forward, and the good soul Bushlurker created a whole new terrain texture and roads for it.


Years later, when I discovered Tanoa, I remembered this terrain and thought of how well it would fit into the setting. So I grabbed my old source files and .... failed all the way. I just suck at terrains, can't help it. So I buried the idea for about a year until I talked to Jakerod about it and persuaded him to help me with the project. He replaced the old roads, textures, vegetation and some of the buildings to make it look more like "Tanoa".
Without his help it would never have become a proper Arma 3 terrain. Thank you so much Jake, once again. I really appreciate your time and efforts you spent on it.


Unlike in Arma 2, this time there are no custom units and vehicles included. Arma, CUP and CWR III offer more than enough possibilities for that.


I dedicate this little terrain to Bushlurker, without him it wouldn't even exist.



Available via Steam Workshop.

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Elephant Island was one of the first addons I ever downloaded for Arma 2, so this brings back good memories. It's always been a favorite of mine, so it'll be a real treat to see it in Arma 3!

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