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Total Warfare (SP/Co-op)

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I wanted to post my first Arma 3 mission, Total Warfare: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2776356858.  Back in the day, I made a lot of missions for Operation Flashpoint - such as Petrovice Salient, Apache Assault and Operation Sharkeye - but haven't done anything since.

It's been fun to make although pretty time consuming due to the complexity of the mission and how rusty I was at scripting. Given that, I am happy that it's fairly polished. And whatever else it may be, it's not boring.


The goal was to put you into a large-scale and brutal assault in which you have a genuine sense of having to fight for every inch.  The downside of this sense of scale is that it's very resource-intensive.  Despite spending a lot of time optimizing it, it's unlikely you'll get buttery smooth framerates.


Happy to receive any criticisms/feedback.  My questions at the moment with it are:

  • Difficulty level - it's a hard mission, but I do not want to make it much easier as that lowers the intensity of the experience. As a compromise, there is revive (incl SP) but is that too much?
  • There is an occasional issue with the game hanging for a few seconds before resuming, sometimes multiple times.  This is caused by a script that ironically is intended to improve performance.  The script moves and activates enemy units as soon as you or another squad is in the area.  I assume the hanging is caused by the script disrupting the game's resource management - causing a temporary CPU overload.  If anyone knows how to fix this, would love to hear.


Total Warfare aims to give you the visceral experience of a large-scale, combined arms battle - a brutal urban engagement fought alongside other squads, with an unpredictable enemy, noise and explosions all around you, and unrelenting tension.

You're a leading FIA officer who's turned the tide against CSAT/AAF, forcing them to retreat to Kavala. Finally, NATO are joining the war and are launching a massive airborne operation to take the city. You'll be fighting alongside them, but first need to pave the way by taking out the enemy AA units.


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I'd advise you to add one/few short videos to allow people to get a sense of the gameplay and scale easily.

Also 2d map view with some form of unit icons would help a good deal.


Beyond that a RHS/CUP/WW2/Vietnam version should help bring more exposure - depending on your technical implementation this may or may not be feasible.

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