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Hi. There's a two issues I'd like some help with for a KP Liberation mission I've created for the Chernarus 2020 map:


1) I want to add an oil rig as a factory. I've added the factory marker in the editor as below where I've experimented with changing its height. However, when I play the mission on the server and enter the capture zone, the bar just fills up blue with no AI spawning. I've only managed to spawn AI twice: once in mid-air where one died and the others vanished and another where a BTR-80 was in the water. Would I need a separate script that kicks in just for spawning OpFor AI on the oil rig? In the second screenshot there's respawn positions that came with the composition which I normally delete before saving. Can they be used instead?






2) I'd like to have active/dynamic playermarkers back just like in this thread. If you unPBO the mission, there's a GREUH_playermarkers.sqf file which I gather must be what I'm after. However, in the Parameters screen it's something that's only available under the GREUH player menu not KP Player Menu but GREUH doesn't work. How do I enable it for KP Player Menu?




I know this can cause issues but for my mission I'm not using the Steam Workshop version and instead using the mission.sqm and all the folders/files in Missionframework from the GitHub site. I have also asked on the Discord channel (KP DEVELOPMENTS -> # kp-liberation) but unfortunately no one could help. Although someone did suggest because it's a composition rather than a single 'asset' (i.e. a house) I'm using and/or being on the water this might be what's causing the first issue?


I have asked on the KP Liberation thread as well as the Discord server but unfortunately no one's being able to help so far.


Thanks in advance!

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