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Vehicle in Vehicle Transport - class limit

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Is any limitation of classes what can manage Vehicle in Vehicle Transport system ? for example from parent:




I done while config classes like this and this not work even with small objects what fit into smaller cargo areas like this


transportVehiclesCount = 4;
        transportVehiclesMass = 1100;
        class VehicleTransport
            class Cargo    {
                canBeTransported = 1;
                dimensions[]= { "BBox_1_1_pos", "BBox_1_2_pos" };
            class Carrier
                cargoBayDimensions[]        = {"VTV_limit_1", "VTV_limit_2"};   // Memory points in model defining cargo space
                disableHeightLimit          = 0;                             // If set to 1 disable height limit of transported vehicles
                maxLoadMass                 = 1100;                           // Maximum cargo weight (in Kg) which the vehicle can transport
                cargoAlignment[]            = {"front","left"};                 // Array of 2 elements defining alignment of vehicles in cargo space. Possible values are left, right, center, front, back. Order is important.
                cargoSpacing[]              = {0.05, 0.05, 0};                     // Offset from X,Y,Z axes (in metres)
                exits[]                     = {"VTV_exit_1","VTV_exit_2","VTV_exit_3","VTV_exit_4"};     // Memory points in model defining loading ramps, could have multiple
                unloadingInterval           = 2;                                // Time between unloading vehicles (in seconds)
                loadingDistance             = 2;                               // Maximal distance for loading in exit point (in meters).
                loadingAngle                = 90;                               // Maximal sector where cargo vehicle must be to for loading (in degrees).
                parachuteClassDefault       = B_Parachute_02_F;                 // Type of parachute used when dropped in air. Can be overridden by parachuteClass in Cargo.
                parachuteHeightLimitDefault = 5;                               // Minimal height above terrain when parachute is used. Can be overriden by parachuteHeightLimit in Cargo.


I have palette in game but no cargo load possibility and 


palete canVehicleCargo can return  [false,false]

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Haven't been playing A3 long time, so it's not tested in the case of "CargoNet_01_barrels_F", but if you can use 3rd party solution for your purposes, I'd suggest checking it with BoxLoader mod from SW.
I vaguely remember there was a case of a default BI supply item (or items) that works with slingload but doesn't work with ViV. Every addon intended to work with ViV should have a specific set of mem points (eg. such as these ones: { "BBox_1_1_pos", "BBox_1_2_pos" }) in the model and PhysX LOD added. Making your own config patch without adding those in the model will not make it work. Perhaps, they forgot about those supply items of theirs, or it was a deliberate move for some reasons.

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