Intro: HazardZone is a 16vs16  game mode where opposing forces have to face each other during a biological threat from space. There are several crashed objects on Livonia from which samples need to be secured, and the side with most secured samples wins the day.   The samples are located in the so-called Hazard Zones, and anyone without CBRN gear will not survive there. Each side has a team of 4 CBRN specialists (only 1 team per side) which will need to secure the samples, to support the limited number of CBRN units, 3 other teams of standard combat units are deployed. These support units need to fend off enemy forces and provide secure passage to the crash site for the CBRN units, but CBRN units need to deal with any enemy forces inside the Hazard Zones on their own.  To further aid the mission,  artillery & transport troops are deployed, but a radio tower needs to be secured to amplify the signal for communication of ground troops with HQ, since the strong EMF of the crashed objects is interfering with the communication and makes it impossible.  

Features: CBRN Gas Mask overlay & sounds Custom Game Mode Custom scoring logic Virtual Arsenal crate  Player & Vehicle Respawns Hazard Zones in which only players with proper gear are safe. 5 km. of playable area
Changes in V2 of HazardZone: Objectives are no longer completed by simply interacting with the objective:  Players will receive a container (attached to the torso of the player) when a sample is collected. As a final step to complete the objective, players have to extract the sample/s by securing them inside a special storage box located inside base's decontamination tent. Upon completion of these steps the side of the player will be awarded with points Players will be able to pick up the sample containers from their buddies or dead soldiers A player may carry multiple sample containers To make the gamemode more interesting, tasks will now be updated with the location of the player which is holding the sample until it is extracted. This will allow opposite force to recapture the objective from the enemy. Task descriptions are updated according to the player and side who have captured a sample. i.e. "Attack" or "Defend" depending on which side you are and which side captured the sample. Task icons are updated when sample is collected according to the player and side who captured a sample, i.e. "Attack" or "Defend" depending on which side you are and which side captured the sample. Message are now displayed to screen updating players who captured the sample. Tons of small changes to accommodate the new gamemode logic
Notes: Raw mission included so you can edit/modify according to your needs (If you give me credit it will be appreciated) No additional content is required (mods or otherwise) except ARMA 3 - Contact Platform   Credits: Credits to bohemia forums and ARMA community for all the awesome script examples and tutorials.  Credits to Chuc for the script used for the radiation/hazard areas: Credits to RCA3, the gamemode at its current form wouldn't be possible without their help!   Download: steam: 
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