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ArmA 2/OA Windows 11 Mic BUG

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Hello guys. 

A friend updated his windows to version 11, and now the multiplayer VOIP no longer works.

During the game he presses the voip button, his name appears on the screen as if he is speaking but his voice is not heard.

 We've already done tests, reinstalled drivers, ArmA 2/OA, and the microphone works normally on Windows, and programs like Teams, Discord, so we came to the conclusion that the problem is related to ArmA 2/OA.  


Has anyone ever experienced this?  I read that in Windows 11 they changed some strings/dlls related to the control panel, so I believe that ArmA voip is looking for something that has changed its name/no longer exists and a Hotfix is needed.

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in my opinion is that you came to the wrong conclusion, why? simply because before it changed W11 it worked, that is to say the problem is not ArmA, it is W11, this version of the operating system is very green as it always happens with each new version that comes out, it has thousands of problems and as always everyone runs to install it, the mistake is that, install a new operating system which is full of bugs and problems of all kinds, W11 like any previous version will take at least 2 years to correct and solve many of the problems it has.


Solution... none, just go back to W10.


And W11 if you check the forums you will see that it has many problems with drivers, games, programs, etc, they are not isolated problems, many people have had and continue to have problems with W11, not to mention that W11 is not better for games as was said in a first time, quite the opposite.


Maybe this answer is not very helpful, maybe you wanted a different solution but this is the reality, the problem is not the game, it is the operating system.


ArmA2 came out in 2009 and ArmA 2 OA came out in 2010 or so, Win11 came out recently, "so who has to be compatible with whom?"


Maybe you can try changing to another version of sound drivers is the only thing that comes to mind, w11 has many problems with drivers even though you have sound in other applications / games

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