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Liberty Bull

[SP] Ghosts of Serpent Island

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You take a sip of your steaming cup of black coffee as you read the note your girlfriend Anna left on the table. Its been almost a week since the invasion began and you still can't believe it. A lot of your neighbors are gone; either fled or went to join the fight. Your friend Dmitry thinks you should both re-enlist. People with prior combat experience are needed at a time like this, you think to yourself as you take another sip. That's when you notice a vehicle pulling up outside...20220313134023-1.jpg


 20220313134838-1.jpg 20220313135555-1.jpg 20220313135647-1.jpg 20220313135935-1.jpg 20220313140322-1.jpg 20220313140601-1.jpg 20220313140817-1.jpg 20220313141216-1.jpg 20220313141342-1.jpg 20220313142636-1.jpg

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