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Discord Unbann.

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Hello Guys,

that what i now have to say its for me very hard....today 14:00 in german Time i lost controll of my Discord Account, I was not Home and my PC was not Online.

But i have a big Problem now.


I was Banned form TFAR Discord, From S.O.G Discord, and from Arma Discord Server....

Becuse i lost Contoll My Account -> Sheppard#5693 startet what i know already 14:00 German Time with Link Spamming. for that i am really sorry 😞

Give it a way to unbanned on this?


Whats its my Plan if it happend again? I will close and remove this Account.

What i have now do that its not happend agian? I do Change my Pw, and do aktiv 2FA and i hope i not lost controll of my Account again, the Feeling i have its very sad about that...Please let me know what i can do that i can rejoin on this Discords


Thanks an a very sad Sorry on this Point.


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I found the help i need


Thanks for all they helping me to coming back to they Discords after that


Thead can closed

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