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Sup all. I've have another question, this time, related to map markers.


I'm running missions that slipts into two events: one day for recon, and the other for the mission itself. On recon day, a small group of players inserts into the map and makes a survelliance run, gathering the intel for the second day, that is, "the mission" itself.


I want to save all the players markers on recon event (wich I can do via scripting), and then export them to the "mission map". The thing is that on single player, I can grab the map markers array data and export it as a string using "copyToClipboard", but according to Bohemia wiki, it's a server side only function. On a dedicated server, I'm running into problems to get that data from a client. What I achieved so far:


  1. Server side script: grab all the players markers into an array, then "send" that data to a zeus enabled player (client).
  2. On client side, I've got the markers data.
  3. Missing: how can I do to "export" that data.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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What I would do is to get the marker data and store it into each player's profileNamespace. This way you don't need to worry about exporting anything as all the data will be stored in the profiles of each player who played the first mission.


In your first mission (make sure whatever script it's on is local to the player):

TAG_markerData = allMapMarkers; // Replace this with your data collection method

profileNamespace setVariable ["TAG_markerData", TAG_markerData];


In your second mission (ideally in initPlayerLocal.sqf):

TAG_markerData = profileNamespace getVariable ["TAG_markerData",false]; // Returns false if undefined

profileNamespace setVariable ["TAG_markerData",nil]; // Clear data from profile as it is no longer needed

// spawn your markers as needed


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