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[solved] Normal map is fine in ObjectBuilder but flat in game

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Spent a lot of time in attempt to give some details to the simple helmet.

It looks okay in Object Builder:


But absolutely flat after importing into the game engine:


Spent too much time trying to figure out the issue and feeling like I am missing some small detail but can't really figure this out.

Any clues please?

rvmat if needed: https://pastebin.com/QQfqvkA1


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Its not an issue with the normal map itself per se, its just not present in the pbo when the game is looking for it.

Its either an issue with the software you're packing the pbo with (probably crappy barely functional and not all that good AddonBuilder), or the RVMAT isn't being Binarized and as such all other dependant textures (in this case only the normal map) aren't being automatically copied and packed into the PBO.

In regard to the first issue, I'd suggest trying Mikero's tools (assuming you're not already using them) as they are far more reliable and any such issues/errors are flagged up allowing far easier debugging. Also, it could be that the RVMAT itself hasn't copied over into the PBO, though that would (probably) throw an error. Check your RPT as it may be a "silent" error.

As to the second issue, its either rvmats are in some form of exclusion list in AddonBuilder, or its an issue with the way its setup. If other headgear/whatever from within the same PBO work I'm out of ideas.

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Thank you Jackal326,

I have not looked under this angle and seems like you are quite right!

I am using Mikero's tools for automation purposes, files are present in pbo and I see no errors nor in log nor in rpt:
    data\headgear\1m\1m_no.paa :scanning
    data\headgear\1m\1m_no.rvmat :compiling...ambient[] = {1,1,1,1};
But it seems like something is going wrong definitely.

I have tried AddonBuilder -- and it just worked.

Will take a look into build scripts.

Thanks a lot!

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