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I posted this in the wrong section apparently, so I'm posting here.


I've always wanted to get into terrain making, but didn't make the leap, instead tediously making compositions in editor and using those for my own SP missions. I started making a series of compositions for an ersatz UAE. I then wondered if maybe this would be the first time I could make a map for others to enjoy as well. I wanted to check the pulse of the community and see if there was interest in such a map.


I'm calling it "The Emirate" and it's very heavily influenced by the UAE, where I lived for a few years. It's going to be a large map (possibly 100+ x 100+), with two modern coastal Middle Eastern cities (modeled after Dubai and Abu Dhabi), two poorer Middle Eastern cities in other countries, a medium sized city in the interior, numerous villages, a mountain range, and large expanses of desert with borders, military installations, a uranium mining operation, and a refinement facility. I've considered putting a portion of "coastal Iran" to the north but not sure yet. I've drawn up some concepts for the coastal cities that are VERY dependency heavy at the moment. I have a composition for the Palace of the Emirate, a Mall of the Emirate (actually modeled a bit more on the Dubai Mall), several houses/compounds, and a stand in for the Burj Khalifa. Here are some of the pics.



Front steps of The Palace (please excuse the weird garb...can't find traditional Arab clothes, so I will likely try to make them myself)



Palace palisade



Early version of The Palace concept with vehicles for scale



Large house compound with view of "Burj Khalifa"



House compound backyard with view of "Burj Khalifa"



Freeway modeled after "Sheikh Zayed Road"



"The Mall of the Emirate" frontage



Looking toward the south from the airport


The final project will likely have some significant changes because this is basically a series of compositions inside the Editor, but I wanted to see if this was something the community was interested in, and if so, I can start working responsibly on all this. This will take quite a while as I'm still pretty noobish on the terrain making (fortunately, the landscape isn't super complicated), and there will be a number of new objects I will have to make (clothes, possibly a proper Burj Khalifa model, etc)


I'm also open to any thoughts or suggestions...especially ideas on multiplayer/server use, because I have no idea about any of that. In fact, I'm open to doing a lot of the legwork to get a SP version of the map off the ground, and then putting this out for others to alter for a multiplayer experience.


Thank you!

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Wow, this looks great. Haven't actually seen a proper Gulf-type map in Arma before, this seems like a very ambitious project for one person who hasn't made a map before. Did you make all of these custom assets?

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Thank you! I haven't seen one either, though there are some great Middle Eastern maps out there, including the recently released Bastek. But I've wanted a glitzy Gulf map for a while and I figured why not give it a go?


You're right that this is definitely an ambitious project. I'm expecting it to take a long time. I haven't created any objects myself, but all of the compositions in the above screenshots were ones I made. I'm expecting to have to make a number of objects though, including Gulf Arab attire, which is shockingly absent in the addon/mod community. I'll be making a great deal of signage as well and probably reskinning some objects, after hopefully securing the original creators' permission.


I saw someone was trying to make a Burj al-Arab mod years ago, but it didn't go anywhere as far as I know...a true shame.

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