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Doc. Holliday

The Boys Milsim-(SW/40k/Modern/funtimes)

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The Boys Milsim 



The Boys milsim is a highly beginner friendly Arma 3 "unit" that is not strict in its rules or requirements, as we just try to have fun with the game. 

Most of the current staff team have 5000hours or more on Arma 3 so if you are in doubt about something, just ask and i am sure someone is able to help.


We do polls on what people would like to play as during missions and what universe our campaigns should take place in. (to make sure that people have fun)


All you need: 

A copy of Arma 3 

A mic 

and understandable English 


We do not care if you have just bought Arma 3 or is a 10k hour veteran as everything can be taught very easily. 

All we care about is the attitude you bring and the mental maturity you show.


We are always looking for more people to join the fun, so jump on in and try it. 



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