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Marker for just one side at startup

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Hi, I need the server to create a marker at startup just for a side.


The command create marker has a channel and creator option.


createMarker [name, position, channel, creator]


My idea is to have a MP server without AI.


I can set channel to 1 (side).

Since I don't use AI, what creator can I use to identify Blufor and Opfor?


I have placed the command in initServer.sqf.


Thank you


TLDR: Is there an object of side blufor and opfor at startup?

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1 hour ago, beno_83au said:

If you put the command in initPlayerLocal.sqf then you could just use:

if (side player == WEST) then {
	//create marker

And change WEST to whatever side you need - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Side

Then just use the local script - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createMarkerLocal

Thank you.

Probably this will be the solution but I have another question.


I could get every thing almost working placing 2 soldier with model, damage and collision disabled in a remote island and using that ad creator.

If I log as Blufor just the blufor marker exist and if logout than login again neither the blufor marker exist anymore. the same happens If i login as opfor.


Any hint why markers get deleted if I logout?



    _markerB = createMarkerLocal ["respawn_west", position _baseB, 1, SideBlufor];

    _markerB setMarkerType "hd_objective";


    _markerO = createMarkerLocal ["respawn_east", position _baseO, 1, SideOpfor];

    _markerO setMarkerType "hd_destroy";


this is the code I have in initserver.sqf

SideBlufor and SideOpfor are disabledAI.

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