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More a suggestion rather than a bug but I feel the decoy is need of revision to be more realistic. All the shots are now too well spaced apart and frankly unbelievable other than to say to people your right there. I don’t know how much memory this takes up to program in but a more in depth revision of this item is needed.
For instance adr shot sounds- almost nobody single fires that gun the way that it is portrayed here. An Hbar on the other hand would be (this is correct in the decoy) the adr noises should be short burst sounds maybe the odd full auto? It would be nice if the decoys were dynamic enough to select sounds based on weapons currently on map either what would be likely to be found in the container or barred house or notes whay players bring into those games and play only those weapon effects. 
if this cannot be changed then simply play testing more believable “fake exchanged shot scenarios” would help. Hbars and sniper should single shot as the decoy currently does full auto weapons like an smg, machine gun or assault rifle should be more full or semi auto. 

hopefully I’ve conveyed my point well enough? Sounds are too static not very lively and believeable 

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I do agree with your sayings and i want to get further. 
The decoy device should be the perfect way to deal with extremely campy players.

I think every vigor player experienced a game where they were stuck with another outlander, both not moving to avoid noises causing immediate death.

In that situation, only the armor plate can buff the attacker enough to counter the defensive player. 
An affordable alternative would be a rework decoy :


-noise cover footsteps partialy

-realistic gunfight to fool the target

-can be THROWN to attract your opponent’s attention in a tactical place


At this moment, the decoy is triggered too fast, revealing your location. 
It is not convincing too.


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