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Arma Smith

How to Make Warlords awesome

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After a long break from playing Arma 3 multiplayer, I fired it up and discovered Warlords. It's great and fun, and the best part is being able to play as a team...but it is not without it's flaws...which I think will eventually frustrate me too much...


This threads intension is not to gripe, but to hopefully get the attention of the developers to sort these out. So view, reply, like (if that's possible) to get this up the top. Ultimately $MONEY$ pays the bills (and developers) so suggestions on how to pay for the updates are welcome. I suggest a DLC purchase or monthly subscription fee...


OK, here goes



1. On entry to server, have a simple instruction list on how the game works, and how to fast travel! 

2. On entry to server or something where you are not in the game, allow users to setup their arsenal/character - In game people doing that looks like they are not playing

3. Boot players not doing anything... Are they playing? Or collecting Command Points? - either way, these players can ruin and frustrate a team

4. Allow 2 text update boxes. 1: to see game kill updates 2nd: to see chat - It's hard to text communicate because a chat is quickly removed with kill updates

5. With player stats, only show current players, or have 2 boxes - with 200 legacy players, it's hard too see yourself or current players...



1. Can there be room for recon? - purely a person on the binoculars tracking the infantry and vehicles, so they are a constant view on the map when in sight...


The rest I leave to replies because I'm still learning. But my intended focus is on enhanced team play (that allows players who don't know anyone to join in and player together), and balance between the 2 opposing side. 




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