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Animated Openings - Picture resolutions

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Hello, I'm creating an animated opening simlar to Tac-Ops intro.

I have it all setup and stuff, but the resolution that was said in the wiki which is 2048x2048 is not really perfect for animated openings, unless I'm doing something wrong.

Basically, the whole picture is not displayed, it's always zoomed in and the quality decreases drastically because of it.

Here is what I typed in the _timeline for the picture to display:

[MODE_LAYER_CREATE, 4,"img\introImg\test.jpg"] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen;
[MODE_LAYER_ANIMATE, 4, 8, nil, 1, nil, 1] call bis_fnc_animatedScreen;

Is there another way to do this?

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I believe BI doesn't actually use pictures ingame, but rather a pre-rendered video using the BIS_fnc_playVideo command. Though I'm not absolutely certain it's the method Bohemia uses, it is an alternative method you should look into.

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