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Chernarus 2020 Loot Positions

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There weren't any loot position files for buildings in the Chernarus 2020 map or none that I could find, so I went and did them all myself in the editor. I included every CUP and Malden building and the commonly used military Altis buildings. Some buildings that are not enterable will also spawn junk at their doorstep as well as the smaller ignored buildings in countryside areas. I also created some loot positions for certain vehicle wrecks. Civilian vehicles spawn vehicle service parts, Industrial tractors spawn industrial junk and some of the military vehicles spawn military loot of course. Factory exhaust stacks and other towers with ladders also now spawn stuff!


If there is a building missing from the list, would like more added or a misplaced position, please let me know.



Go into your "exile_server_config" folder and drop the attached file inside. You can also make your own C++ language  file and copy the string over from my dropbox.

Open up the config.cpp file and replace the entire CfgBuildings string with this:


#include "chernarus2020loot.cpp"


So the beginning of your config should look similar to this:




 * config
 * Exile Mod
 * www.exilemod.com
 * © 2015 Exile Mod Team
 * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. 
 * To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/.
class CfgPatches
    class exile_server_config
        requiredVersion = 0.1;
        requiredAddons[] = {};
        units[] = {};
        weapons[] = {};
        magazines[] = {};
        ammo[] = {};

//>Replaced CfgBuildings<
    #include "chernarus2020loot.cpp"
//>Replaced CfgBuildings<

class CfgExileEscapeLootServer
    class LootTables

            Percental Item Group Spawn Chances of CivillianLowerClass:

            ShittyMedical      = 3.64%
            GoodMedical        = 2.73%
            NiceMedical        = 0.91%
            SmokeGrenades      = 3.64%
            ShittyHandGrenades = 2.73%

            Blah, Blah, loot percentages continued.....



Here is the string file. 

Chernarus2020 Loot


Once you've completed the above steps, re-pack your PBO and enjoy.

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  • Fixed a few upper middle class buildings with loot positions inside floor
  • Added all the Apex style tents
  • Added the rest of the cargo buildings
  • Re-placed the train positions with new ones and added loot to the box train cars
  • Reorganized the script layout so you can find stuff easier
  • Added positions for the USS Nimitz and the USS Liberty


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